The state emblem of Turkmenistan The state emblem of Turkmenistan 
The state emblem and flag are based on national traditions and steer clear of political symbols. The number of stars represent the five velayats – Ahal, Balkan, Dashhowuz, Lebap, and Mary. The crescent signifies the hopes of Turkmens for a bright future.

The green colour has been traditionally revered by Turkmens, as has red, while carpet patterns are a symbol of Turkmen traditional political, social, cultural and religious views. An Akhalteke horse is the pride of Turkmens, while a wheat ear alludes to the custom of greeting guests with bread and salt.

National Flag of Turkmenistan National Flag of Turkmenistan is a straight green with a vertical red stripe on the left, at the flagstaff, comprising five basic carpet patterns in the vertical order. The green background has a crescent and five five pointed white stars in the upper left corner. Each star represents a Turkmen velayat (region) – Ahal, Balkan, Dashhowuz, Lebap and Mary. The capital Ashgabat is in the Ahal velayat.

Standard of The President of Turkmenistan Standard of The President of Turkmenistan